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Shandong Shengli Bioengineering Co., Ltd

Shandong Shengli Bioengineering Co., Ltd


Shandong Shengli Bioengineering Co., Ltd
About Us
Shandong Shengli Bioengineering Co Ltd Abbreviation SHENGLI is a joint venture built by China Animal Husbandry Industry Company Limited Abbreviation CAHIC and Shandong Shengli Corporation Limited And originally built in 2004 with total investment of RMB 500 million and guided by bio fermentation technology producing animal specific antibiotic API veterinary preparations and feed additives Also it is national high tech enterprise and regarded as top 10 veterinary drug enterprise in Shandong province and top 10 in national veterinary drug industry in China Shengli is located in No 118 High tech zone Jining city Shandong province China And it has covered an area of 70 acres and equipped with...

Categories and Products

Tiamulin Fumarate Premix

Tiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder

Tylvalosin Tartrate Premix

Enramycin Premix

Bambermycin Premix

Nosiheptide Premix

Monensin Premix

Florfenicol Powder

Tilmicosin Premix

Spectionmycin Lincomycin Soluble Powder

Salinomycin Premix

Hainanmycin Sodium Premix

Doxycycline Hyclate Soluble Powder

Products Keywords
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AdditivesTylvalosin Tartrate PigNosiheptide AntibioticsTilmicosin for PneumoniaTiamulin Fumarate PremixTiamulin 10% PreparationTilmicosin Animal HealthEnramycin Feed AdditivesTiamulin Fumarate US FDAFlorfenicol Powder UsageTiamulin Veterinary DrugSalinomycin 12% GranularTylvalosin Animal HealthTiamulin Fumarate EU COSMonensin Growth PromoterEnramycin Growth PromoterFlorfenicol Powder DosageTiamulin Fumarate ChickenHainanmycin AnticoccidialBambermycin Premix ExportTylvalosin Tartrate SwineEnramycin Premix GranularTilmicosin Premix for PigSalinomycin AnticoccidialTylvalosin Veterinary DrugSalinomycin Feed AdditivesDoxycycline Soluble PowderSalinomycin Veterinary UseAnimal Drug for MycoplasmaNosiheptide Premix and APINosiheptide Feed AdditivesTylvalosin Tartrate PremixSalinomycin Premix 12% 24%Tilmicosin Premix for PRRSNosiheptide Premix for PigBambermycin Veterinary FeedSalinomycin Animal MedicineTiamulin 45% Soluble PowderSpectinomycin HydrochlorideHainanmycin Feed AddtitivesTylvalosin Tartrate CAS No.Nosiheptide Growth PrompterFlorfenicol Powder FunctionTylvalosin Tartrate for PigTiamulin Fumarate Top GradeEnramycin Premix CAS NumberMonensin Premix for Farm CowHydrochloride Soluble PowderEnramycin Premix PolypeptideSpectinomycin And LincomycinTiamulin Base 75% for AnimalGrowth Promoter of EnramycinFlorfenicol for Animal HealthVeterinary Disease PreventionSalinomycin for Animal HealthTiamulin Fumarate 75% for PigTiamulin Fumarate Premix NameEnramycin Premix Good QualityEnramycin Improve Feed ReturnDoxycycline Powder High LevelSalinomycin Premix Side EffectTylvalosin Tartrate Premix 50%Hainanmycin Sodium for ChickenFlorfenicol Powder Side EffectEnramycin Premix 4% for AnimalTilmicosin Veterinary Use DrugDoxycycline Hcl Soluble PowderBambermycin Premix 8% GranularEnramycin Premix 8% for AnimalTylvalosin Tartrate Cas NumberAnimal Medicine for MycoplasmaTylvalosin Tartrate Premix 20%Growth Promoter of BambermycinBambermycin Granular 4% 8% 12%Bambermycin Premix 4% GranularTiamulin Fumarate Global LeaderNosiheptide for Animal Use OnlyPRRS Medicine Tilmicosin PremixFlorfenicol for Animal IndustryGood Florfenicol Soluble PowderTylvalosin Tartrate for FarmersBest Solubility Tiamulin PowderTiamulin Fumarate Powder DosageTiamulin 45% Powder for PoultryTilmicosin Premix for PneumoniaTiamulin Base for Animal HealthBambermycin for Veterinary FeedTiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate BasePolypeptide Antibiotic EnramycinTilmicosin Premix Veterinary UseTiamulin Fumarate Soluble PowderMonensin Premix for AnticccidialTylvalosin Tartrate Premix 62.5%Enramycin Premix for Farm AnimalHainanmycin Sodium AnticoccidialTiamulin Fumarate 80% FormulationTiamulin Fumarate Premix 45% NameTiamulin Fumarate 10% PreparationTiamulin Fumarate 45% PreparationTiamulin Fumarate Premix 0483 FDATiamulin Fumarate Premix for FarmEnramycin Premix Usage and DosageMonensin Premix Storage ConditionAnimal Antibiotics for MycoplasmaDoxycycline Hcl for Animal HealthSpectinomycin Hydrochloride SwineHainanmycin Sodium API CAS NumberFlorfenicol Antibiotics for SwineFlorfenicol All Specification 20%Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate PowderBambermycin Premix Large QuantityMonensin Premix for Animal HealthMonensin Premix for Farm BreedingDoxycycline Hcl Powder CAS NumberDoxycycline Hcl Powder for AnimalTylvalosin Tartrate Swine MedicineGood Water Soluble Tiamulin PowderDoxycycline Hyclate Soluble PowderTiamulin Fumarate Usage And DosageEnramycin Premix for Animal HealthSoluble Tylvalosin Tartrate PremixNosiheptide Premix for Animal FeedTiamulin Fumrate Premix for AnimalTilmicosin Premix Dosage and UsageTiamulin Fumarate 45% Powder UsageMonensin Premix For Livestock DrugEnramycin Premix for Farm IndustryTilmicosin Premix Domestic StandardTiamulin Fumarate Concentration OilEnramycin Premix for Feed AdditivesEnramycin Premix for Livestock OnlyTilmicosin Premix All SpecificationTiamulin Fumarate 45% Powder DosageFlorfenicol Antibiotics for ChickenNosiheptide API for Animal Use OnlyNosiheptide for Veterinary Use OnlySalinomycin for Feed Additives OnlyHainanmycin Sodium Usage and DosageBambermycin Premix Usage and DosageTiamulin Soluble Powder for ChickenDoxycycline Hydrogen Fumarate PowderTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder 45%Enramycin Premix for Farm Animal UseTyvalosin Tartrate 20% 50% 62.5% CASEnramycin Premix for Growth PromoterDoxycycline Hyclate Usage and DosageBambermycin Premix Storage ConditionHainanmycin Sodium API Only ProducerSalinomycin Premix Storage ConditionTiamulin Fumarate 45% Soluble PowderTiamulin Fumarate Premix for FarmersFlorfenicol All Specification PowderSpectinomycin Hcl and Lincomycin HclBambermycin Premix for Animal HealthFlorfenicol Powder Domestic StandardMonensin Premix For Livestock HealthSalinomycin Premix All SpecificationsSpectinomycin Hydrochloride LivestockDoxycycline Yellow Crystalline PowderTilmicosin Veterinary Use PreparationTiamulin Fumarate Premix Great EffectMonensin Premix for Regulatory MarketTiamulin Fumarate Premix Generic NameEnramycin Premix for Growth PromotionTiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate CAS NumberTiamulin Fumarate Veterinary MedicineTiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Premix 80%Growth Promoter of Bambermycin PremixBambermycin Premix for Livestock FeedTylvalosin Tartrate for Farm IndustryTiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Powder 45%Tylvalosin Tartrate for Animal HealthMonensin Premix For Veterinary HealthTiamulin Fumarate Powder 45% for DrugNosiheptide Premix for Livestock DrugTiamulin Fumarate Base 75% for AnimalDoxycycline Soluble Powder for AnimalTiamulin Fumrata Premix Generic EffectFlorfenicol Powder for Animal IndustryTiamulin Soluble Powder for Animal UseBambermycin Premix for Farm Animal UseTiamulin Fumarate Premix TransporationTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Fixed UsageWater Soluble Tiamulin Fumarate PowderFlorfenicol for Animal Health BreedingMonensin Premix For Livestock MedicineTilmicosin Premix for Livestock GrowthSalinomycin for Anticoccidial FunctionTilmicosin Premix For Farm Animal DrugPleuromutilin Tiamulin Fumarate PremixDoxycycline Hcl Powder Animal Use OnlyTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder EU COSTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder US FDAMonensin Premix For Veterinary MedicineTiamulin Fumarate Powder for Animal UseNosiheptide Premix for Growth PromotionTiamulin Fumarate Premix Livestock DrugTiamulin Fumarate Premix for MycoplasmaTilmicosin Premix for Livestock DiseaseTylvalosin Tartrate Premix 62.5% EffectTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Great EffectSalinomycin Premix for Farm Animal FeedNew Animal Medicine Tylvalosin TartrateBambermycin Premix for Livestock HealthNosiheptide Premix All Specification 2%Bambermycin Premix Registration CountryNosiheptide Premix for Livestock HealthNosiheptide Premix All Specification 1%Bambermycin for Animal Growth PromotionBambermycin Premix for Farm Animal DrugSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl PowderTylvalosin Tartrate Premix For Pig PRRSTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Very SolubleTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Best QualityTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Swine FeedTylvalosin Tartrate Premix New Era DrugTiamulin Fumarate Powder 45% for ChickenTylvalosin Tartrate Premix SpecificationTiamulin Fumarate Premix For Farm AnimalSpectinomycin Lincomycin Hcl AntibioticsTiamulin Fumarate Premix Coated GranularTiamulin Fumarate Premix Coated MedicineTiamulin Fumarate Premix Preparation 10%Tylvalosin Tartrate for Livestock AnimalTiamulin Fumarate Premix Preparation 45%Tiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder CAS NO.Tylvalosin Tartrate Premix 20% 50% 62.5%Tiamulin Fumarate Europe CEP CertificateNosiheptide Premix with High Feed ReturnTiamulin Fumarate 45% Powder PreparationNosiheptide Premix Large Quantity ExportTiamulin Fumarate Veterinary PreparationTiamulin Fumarate Premix Preparation 80%Tiamulin Fumarate Premix CEP CertificateTilmicosin Premix For Farm Animal HealthFlorfenicol All Specification 20% PowderNosiheptide Premix All Specification APIDoxycycline Hcl Powder Storage ConditionTilmicosin Premix International StandardAnticoccidial Feed Additives HainanmycinSalinomycin Premix for Veterinary HealthEnramycin Premix High Level SpecificationHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Farm AnimalBambermycin Premix for Farm Animal HealthFlorfenicol Powder International StandardTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Chicken FeedNosiheptide Premix for Livestock MedicineHainanmycin Sodium The Only Patent HolderTylvalosin Tartrate Premix No Side EffectTiamulin Fumarate 45% Soluble Powder DrugTilmicosin Premix for Livestock TreatmentDoxycycline Hyclate Powder for Farm AnimalSalinomycin for Veterinary Health BreedingTiamulin Fumarate Premix Specification 80%Spectinomycin Hydrochloride And LincomycinTylvalosin Tartrate Premix For Animal PRRSTiamulin Fumarate Premix Specification 10%Spectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Powder AnimalDoxycycline Hcl Powder for Animal IndustryHainanmycin Sodium Premix Usage and DosageBambermycin Premix Granular for Animal UseTilmicosin Premix For Farm Animal MedicineEnramycin Premix High Degree SpecificationTylvalosin Tartrate Veterinary AntibioticsTiamulin Fumarate Premix Specification 75%Tiamulin Fumarate Premix for Swine DiseaseWater Soluble Tiamulin Fumarate Powder 45%Tiamulin Fumarate Premix for Farmer AnimalTiamulin Fumarate Premix Storage ConditionTiamulin Fumarate Premix 45% Generic EffectSpectinomycin and Lincomycin Hcl AntibioticTiamulin Fumarate Premix Coated PreparationTiamulin Fumarate 45% Soluble Powder AnimalTiamulin Fumarate Premix Livestock MedicineSpectinomycin Lincomycin Hcl Soluble PowderTylvalosin Tartrate Premix New Era MedicineTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder CAS NumberSpectinomycin Lincomycin HCL for Animal UseSalinomycin Premix for Farm Animal BreedingHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Farm BreedingSpectinomycin Lincomycin Powder Farm AnimalTiamulin Fumarate Premix Livestock TreatmentTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Poultry DiseaseTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder InformationTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder Side EffectTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Storage ConditionDoxycycline Hcl Soluble Powder for LivestockTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Swine TreatmentHainanmycin Sodium for Animal Feed AdditivesTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Specification 50%Tylvalosin Tartrate Premix Stable ProductionTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder for PoultryTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Specification 20%Spectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Powder FarmGrowth Promoter Bambermycin Premix for AnimalTylvalosin Tartrate Animal Medicine for SwineMonensin Premix with Good Anticoccidial IndexSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Soluble DrugSalinomycin Premix Farm Animal Feed AdditivesTiamulin Fumarate 45% Soluble Powder MedicineTylvalosin Tartrate Premix For Livestock PRRSTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Chicken TreatmentSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Animal HealthSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Powder AnimalTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder SpecificationTiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Premix 10% GranularSalinomycin Premix Granular Animal AntibioticsTylvalosin Tartrate Premix Specification 62.5%Doxycycline Hyclate Soluble Powder Side EffectTiamulin Fumarate Premix for Animal AntibioticsHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Livestock DiseaseSpectinomycin Lincomycin Hcl Powder Farm AnimalBambermycin Premix for Livestock Feed AdditivesDoxycycline Hyclate Soluble Powder Usage DosageSalinomycin Premix for Veterinary Feed AdditivesSalinomyin Premix Anticoccidial Usage and DosageHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Livestock IndustryHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Veterinary MedicineHainanmycin Sodium Premix for Livestock TreatmentSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Livestock HealthPleuromutilin Antibiotic Tiamulin Fumarate PremixSpectinomycin Hcl Lincomycin Hcl Powder LivestockTylvalosin Tartrate Premix New Generation MedicineTiamulin Fumarate Soluble Powder Storage ConditionTiamulin Fumarate for Animal Dedicated Antibiotics
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